Thousand Oaks Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Center

The Bella Passione, “The Beautiful Passion,” offers 24/7 residential eating disorder treatment for adolescent and adult women and men. This spacious estate is located in the private community of Thousand Oaks, California.

From the moment you walk onto the grounds of The Bella Passione residence, you will feel safe and at home in its peaceful environment. The six-bed estate is set among a lush landscape of majestic oaks, blooming roses and lemon trees tucked into a tranquil neighborhood. It is beautifully decorated with an elaborate living room, formal dining room, breakfast room, spacious modern kitchen, well appointed bedrooms, two fireplaces and an outdoor patio with a Jacuzzi and putting green. Each bedroom is warm and inviting, with natural light illuminating its sophisticated touches, easing any pressures you had before you arrived. Bedrooms look out onto a garden courtyard, providing another opportunity to escape to relaxation in one of the chairs under the oak trees. The residence is designed to provide ample private areas for family and group meetings, as well as quiet areas for study, journaling, meditation and reflection. The residential treatment center is within proximity of specialty stores, drug store with pharmacy, grocery stores, town center shopping, activities and city events.

Thousand Oaks Treatment Program

We establish and involve both nutritional and psychological goals from the start of treatment, in the course of a tier-structured plan that helps the patient to reduce anxiety, understand the mechanisms of healthy eating, and sustain emotional well-being. Along with emotional and cognitive integration, we focus on connection of the body, mind and spirit, developing mindfulness to access intuition and wisdom to manage and cope effectively without the focus on food.

At our highest level of care, residents begin their journey to medically stabilize and interrupt their severe eating disorder behaviors. Recommendations for this level of care, as with all others, are determined during the initial consultation. Potential residents must have a recent medical evaluation to determine medical stability for a residential setting. The length of stay varies according to the needs of the individual. Residents are asked to commit to a minimum stay of one to two months.

The Bella Passione Residential Treatment Program in Thousand Oaks Includes:

  • Complete psychodiagnostic evaluation of eating disorders and other psychological issues
  • Attending treatment team comprised of Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Nurses, Mental Health Workers, Psychologists and Master Level Therapists
  • Individualized, multidisciplinary treatment plans
  • Behavioral program to institute changes in eating behaviors
  • Individual psychotherapy three times weekly
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga
  • Cognitive-Behavioral and Dialectical Behavior group therapy
  • Mindfulness and Mediation groups
  • Psychiatric and Medical Consultation and Follow-up
  • Nutritional and fitness education with counseling
  • Family therapy and education
  • Menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Self esteem and coping skills group
  • Relapse prevention groups
  • Life enhancement and creativity groups
  • Recreational activities
  • Reentry into Life

Comprehensive Care

As residents’ severe eating disorder behaviors and patterns reduce, at the discretion of the treatment team, residents are placed in a lower level of care. The Bella Vita offers Day Treatment programs in either Los Angeles or Woodland Hills six days a week for eight hours a day. There, patients will be provided with the support and structure to re-establish healthy eating patterns while being able to partially partake in career, school, or family environments.

As patients progressively embrace healthy eating and emotional behaviors, individuals utilize our Intensive Outpatient Programs to fully apply the skills and insights learned in treatment to integrate themselves back into their normal career, school, and family schedules. This level of care is offered six days a week for four hours a day.

After a patient discharges from our program, have the option to receive occasional therapeutic and nutritional support from our treatment team through Outpatient Services.

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