Overview of The Bella Vita- Description of Services and Population Served

The Bella Vita provides a full continuum of care ranging from residential treatment to outpatient services. Currently, The Bella Vita consists of four separate sites(described in more detail below) in the state of California: Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, La Canada-Flintridge,  and Thousand Oaks. Throughout these five sites, The Bella Vita serves a population of diverse ethnic, socioeconomic, and geographic background. The Bella Vita treats both male and female patients, ranging from adolescents to adults. The staff at The Bella Vita is multidisciplinary with psychologists, psychological assistants, counselors, marriage & family therapists, psychiatrists, dietitians, nutritionists, dietary technicians, a physician, and administrative support staff. Services offered at The Bella Vita include intake/clinical assessment, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, psycho-educational groups, dietary counseling/education, psychiatric consultation, medication management, case management, and discharge planning.

Treatment at The Bella Vita approaches each individual as a unique case, addressing the underlying motivational factors of the eating disorder, as well as the symptoms. We believe that it is necessary to treat the “whole person” through a Bio-Psychosocial Model of treatment. By providing this strong basis in which our students can build from, we believe that we can help establish a stronger understanding of eating disorders in the psychological community, provide future clinicians with the tools they will need to work within this population, and positively contribute to the future of eating disorder treatment.

Clients seeking our services present with a wide range of clinical concerns including eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, trauma, relational/interpersonal issues, and family issues. Practicum level students will be exposed to a variety of clinical issues and multiple treatment approaches. Some common approaches include Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Based Therapies, and Psychodynamic Therapy. Students will also learn about the physical and medical complications that frequently occur with eating disorders.

The Bella Vita has four sites.  Two of the sites ( Los Angeles and Woodland Hills) are outpatient intensive programs that provide two levels of care for patients.  The outpatient intensive program includes an eight-hour six-day per week PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) and a four-hour, six-day per week IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) at the Woodland Hills, CA PHP/IOP.  The other two sites are 24 hour seven-day per week Residential Programs (The Bella Passione Residential, Thousand Oaks, CA and The Bella Speranza Residential, La Canada Flintridge, CA

Masters Level Practicum Description

At the Bella Vita, we utilize evidence-based treatment for our clients.  While individual therapy is a part of each client’s treatment program other forms of intervention are utilized to help support our clients in their recovery process. These treatment interventions include milieu therapy, group therapy, family therapy, meal support, and psycho-educational groups.  All are critical components of the clients care while in treatment.  

The masters level practicum student is expected to have 10-15 client contact hours per week.   These hours are completed through participation in all aspects of the clients treatment program.  The client contact hours may include, milieu therapy, group therapy, family therapy, meal support and psycho-educational groups.

Required Days and Times

The Masters level practicum student is expected to work approximately 20-24 hours per week and have 10-15 direct client hours.  

Hours of Our Facilities

Intensive Outpatient Program/Partial Hospitalization Program:  Monday-Friday 11am-7pm and Saturday 10am-3pm

(Students typically work 3 days per week as determined by our clinical directors)

Residential Programs:  24 hours 7 days per week

(Students work day or evening shifts, students do not work night shift hours; students typically work 3 shifts per week as determined by our clinical directors)

Training and Supervision

Students will receive specialized training in Eating Disorder treatment.  All students work closely with our multi-disciplinary clinical staff throughout the training year.  The multi-disciplinary team includes licensed psychologists, licensed marriage and family therapists, pre-doctoral level interns, medical professionals and including psychiatrists, internists, RN’s and LVN’s and a full dietary staff that include registered dieticians and dietician technicians.  In addition, there are optional two-hour didactic training sessions offered weekly throughout the training year.  

Students will receive two to four hours (depending on number of client contact hours worked) of group supervision with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), per week.   The California Board of Behavior Services  (www.bbs.ca.gov) has specific requirements regarding the ratio of client contact hours worked to the number supervision hours needed.   Please refer to their website for more information on these requirements.  

Masters Level Practicum Positions:

  1. Are volunteer unpaid positions
  2. Are 12-month commitments- typically beginning the first week in September through the last week in August
  3. Are 3 shifts or approximately 24 hours of work time per week
  4. We understand that schools vary in the number of hours that are required in the practicum year, some students will complete their hours requirement before the 12-month completion of the training year.  Our practicum program is a 12-month commitment therefore we ask that students commit to completing their full practicum year even if they complete their hourly requirement for their school.
  5. Students are required to document their practicum work hours for their school.  In addition, the student’s supervisor will be responsible for reviewing and verifying the student’s hours and will provide this documentation to the school upon completion of the practicum year
  6. Student evaluations are completed by either or both the clinical director and   clinical supervisor at the midpoint and end of the practicum year.

Application Procedure

The Bella Vita is currently accepting applications

Application Materials: CV/Letter of Interest/1-2 letters of recommendation

In-person interview is required

Application via e-mail:  Send to Attn:  Human Resources at jobs@thebellavita.com

Number of Practicum spots available: varies according to site