Extremities of Juicing

Extremities of juicing, or extreme amounts of juicing, can be harmful to a person’s health. Juicing is a trend in which individuals extract the

Navigating Wellness in the Summertime

Keeping a Balance in the Summertime
For the month of July, we are turning our #EDIncludesMe spotlight onto a discussion about navigating your path to

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Complications of Dieting

There are complications of dieting. Many people diet. Some people diet all of the time. In some situations, chronic dieting on very restrictive regimens

Eating Disorder Treatment Options for LGBTQIA Individuals

Wrapping Up Pride Month
For the month of June, our #EDIncludesMe spotlight has been on LGBTQIA individuals and their experience with eating disorders. We looked

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Roadblocks to Eating Disorder Treatment in LGBTQIA Communites

We continue our spotlight on LGBTQIA communities for PrideMonth. Our first installment in the series looked at not only the prevalence of eating

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Importance of After Care for Eating Disorders

There is a significant importance in after care for eating disorder patients. After care refers to the care a patient receives after he or

Out of the Closet:  A Look at Eating Disorders in LGBTQIA Communities

LGBT Pride Month
June 1st marked the start of LGBT Pride Month. For this month, our #EDIncludesMe spotlight will focus on eating disorders in LGBTQIA

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Disordered Eating vs. Eating Disorders

Disordered eating and eating disorders are two difficult health conditions. Common eating disorders include bulimia and anorexia. These are easily defined conditions by medical

Types and Effects of Purging

There are various types of eating disorders. There are also various types of purging and effects from purging that individuals need to understand if

Eating Disorders Among Members of the Jewish Community

Jewish American Heritage Month
For the month of May, our #EDIncludesMe spotlight will be about eating disorders in the Jewish community for Jewish American Heritage

Weight Restoration for ED Patients

Weight restoration for eating disorder patients is often very important, but misunderstood. Those who suffer from an eating disorder often face significant weight changes.

How to Spot Eating Disorders in Adolescence

Wrapping Up the April Spotlight
For our April #EDIncludesMe spotlight, we have focused on the link between bullying & eating disorders for National Child Abuse

Suicidality and ED Stats

Suicidality and eating disorder statistics are important for individuals to understand. The rates of suicide for individuals suffering from eating disorders is often very

Eating Disorders in Minority Youth

National Minority Health Month
Now that we’ve discussed how bullying can lead to eating disorders, we are turning our #EDIncludesMe spotlight onto National Minority Health

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Selective Food and Food Rituals

Selective food and food rituals are terms that describe an eating disorder. The term “eating disorder” is classified as an avoidance or restrictive intake

Bullying Children into Eating Disorders

Child Abuse Awareness Month
April has a 2 for 1 focus for our #EDIncludesMe initiative. One focus for the month of April will be on

Storify: The Healthy Eating Obsession

#EDInsight Transcript Provided by Storify
On Tuesday March 24th, The Bella Vita hosted a tweetchat discussing Orthorexia. We engaged in an educational and insightful conversation

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Restorative Eating

Restorative eating is a term used to describe the process of eating nutrients and combinations of food with the sole purpose of restoring health

Ready or Not? Is Mindful Eating for you?

Are You Ready to be Mindful? Is Mindful Eating for You?
Mindful eating is a crucial part of The Bella Vita’s eating disorder program. Reconnecting the

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Mindful Eating Takes the Stress Off Your Plate

A Focus on Nutrition
With nutrition and mindfulness being pillars of our program, we’re pleased to dedicate the March spotlight in our #EDIncludesMe initiative to

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