Day Treatment Eating Disorder Program at The Bella Vita

Day TreatmentThe Bella Vita Day Treatment Program for Adult and Adolescent, Male and Female is in nurturing and serene setting conducive to building trust. Day treatment, for those with more severe symptoms, is a more structured environment than our intensive outpatient program.

Our Day Treatment Program is specifically tailored to meet the individual’s unique needs. Depending on the patient’s level of need, individuals may enter directly into this level of care or Residential, as discussed at time of consultation. The Day Treatment Program offers the benefit of your own personalized support staff and group sessions to engage individuals in different types of activities, conversations and exercises geared towards placing you on the path to healing. It is our unique way of bringing a more intensive approach of an inpatient hospital program, into a less restrictive environment. In our weekly sessions, we may focus on the patients’ weekend experiences, previous weeks’ goals, and the setting of current week’s goals. In addition, we afford the patients the opportunity to focus specifically on dynamics occurring during their treatment and on processing feelings connected with group dynamics. We wish to make your experience conducive to learning the skills that enable you to start changing your life.

Day Treatment Eating Disorder Program for Adolescents: Peer and Family Influence

As if adolescence was not already a difficult time, the onset of an eating disorder can be used as an unhealthy way to help the individual cope with their life and not deal with arising difficult issues. Individuals can become lost in issues such as identity, individuation, peer pressure, special topics specific to them, career direction, values and life’s purpose. During this time, the most significant influences are one’s family and peers.
These influences in a therapeutic environment are a dynamic element that can have positive and constructive, lasting results. In our programs, we involve the family to develop effective interpersonal skills through education, goal setting and family activity. To successfully let go of the eating disorder, the individual needs to deal with and manage these and other issues. They need to see themselves as separate from their parents, and let go of their dependence. Individualization from their parents is necessary to successfully transition to adulthood. Our program is especially effective in these areas, as we work to integrate a personalized approach to treatment from our very first assessment with the patient. We believe strongly in the impact of family involvement, and encourage it on all possible levels.

Day Treatment Eating Disorder Program for Adults: Peer and Family Influence

Our psychology and state of mind as adults can heavily depend on influencing factors such as peers and family. We strongly encourage family and friend involvement into our therapeutic practices. These influences can make a resounding difference in the success of a therapeutic plan for recovery, as family and friends make for the most stable support structure one can ask for outside of a counseling atmosphere.

Day Treatment Eating Disorder Program – At A Glance

Patients are assessed to determine the appropriate level of care outpatient, programs such as Intensive Outpatient and Day Treatment Programs, or residential, 24/7 care by residing in an intimate residential treatment center. The appropriate level of treatment is always at the discretion of the attending clinician, who upon the initial assessment will offer reasons for the recommendation for the appropriate level of care.

Upon entry to the Day Treatment Program, this program’s regular attendance schedule is eight hour per day, up to six (6) day per week, for the duration of their treatment. Our program is conducted throughout the day and into the early evening hours, and is intended as a treatment plan for those who may immediately benefit from a more structured therapeutic environment on an outpatient basis.

We offer our Day Treatment Program purely at the discretion of the treatment team and typically only to progressive patients, or patients already being treated at The Bella Vita. Please inquire within about the variations in our Day Treatment Program, and how these treatments may apply to your ongoing therapy with The Bella Vita.

Please inquire with The Bella Vita, if you or someone you know may be at risk, or showing symptoms of Eating Disorders. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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