Your home, it should be a dwelling where peace, restoration and love meet to keep you warm and safe from nature’s elements.  However, someone with an eating disorder may not currently reside in an environment as such or may need a new environment to heal.  For adult men and women, who are attending our Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Programs, we have a home that is ready to provide you with the supportive and nurturing environment you can retire to daily, The Bella Verità Transitional Living.

The Bella Verità, translated in English means, “The Beautiful Truth.”

Home Sweet Home

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” Galileo Galilei

Our Woodland Hills transitional living residents are aware of one truth – they are 100% sure they want a change of environment while on their wellness journey.  Whatever challenges they are facing at home, they will not follow them to The Bella Verità.  Typically, residents live a quite a distance from their local treatment center, recently stepped down from residential care or are aware that their current home environment provides influences that are not supportive to their wellness.  Our home is just that, a home.  Residents do not have any sessions with the treatment team while they reside at transitional living.

Striking Out On Your Own – The Residents

Our home encourages residents to live independently while still attending one of our programs. During the weekdays residents follow a relaxed schedule with activities such as –prep and eat breakfast and evening snacks, attend program, going grocery shopping, journaling, enjoying free time, and house movie nights.  The weekends include outings to local community events or the movies and free time with family and friends.  The Bella Verità offers the same amenities you would find at home:

  • Bathroom – shared with roommates
  • Plenty of closet space
  • Kitchen
  • Formal dining room
  • Washer and dryer
  • Television
  • Wi-fi
  • Games
  • Backyard

The residents are self-sufficient; however, they do have the continued support of our live in House Manager.

In Home Support & Guidance – The House Manager

The House Manager provides the guidance to live independently and address any mental or emotional struggles that a resident may encounter in the evening after program or over the weekend.  Our House Manager provides transportation to and from daily program, monitors medication and sobriety, guides residents to develop an after program care plan (enroll/attend school, search for a job, etc.) and assists residents with completing life’s daily errands.

Your independence is waiting for you.  Contact our Admissions and Intake team to confirm your stay at The Bella Verità Transitional Living home.

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