Eating Disorder Test

Our Online Eating Disorder Test is a brief, anonymous way to test for yourself if you may have a potential problem with a type of eating disorder. The Bella Vitas test is a brief questionnaire focusing on eating disorder symptoms which can determine an eating disorder. The results of your test will be emailed immediately to you upon completion.

People who struggle with an Eating Disorder often experience a number of behavioral, emotional, psychological, social, and/or physical symptoms. This brief test touches on the most pertinent of these symptoms. If you feel concerned about any of these items, you might want to speak with a counselor, physician, or nutritionist about your concerns.

This is a free service provided by The Bella Vita, and if you feel you may have a problem, we encourage you to take a moment and complete this brief process. Our eating disorder screenings are gender-specific, so please, choose the applicable test below.

Women’s Eating Disorder Test

This test offers female-specific questions relative to the possibility of an eating disorder being present. The questions in this test are meant to be specific to your habits and daily life, so please be honest and specific with your answers. Your sincere and honest approach to measures like this test could impact the success of any treatment you end up seeking or receiving. And if you do have a problem with an eating disorder, the road to resolution begins here. Read More

Men’s Eating Disorder Test

This test offers male-specific questions regarding the possibility of a present eating disorder. Please answer these questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Your sincere and honest approach to this test, and any treatment you end up seeking or receiving, could make the difference for you. Read More