Don’t wait until February 14th!
Fill your February with the things that you love! 

Here at The Bella Vita, we have favorites…favorite movies, favorite songs, favorite quotes, favorites games, favorite snacks and more! And we want to share them with you ♥ This February, we are encouraging you and our team members to do more of their favorites.

Your favorites may offer comfort or a sense of security. Having a favorite can reaffirm who you are and what you value. It’s easy to go day-to-day without thinking about your favorites, but this month we challenge you to make a list and actively seek out your favorites.

Surrounding yourself with your favorite things is an act of self-love and self-care. 

What’s your favorite movie?
Slow down, wrap up in your favorite blanket and watch your favorite movie. Movies do more than we think – Movies allow us to reflect on life experiences, without actually experiencing them. Movies may evoke emotions, provoke thoughts and spark inspiration. Movies offer us a safe space to grow and heal.

  • “The original Star wars Trilogy. I love Fantasy/Sci-Fi movies, movies about the galaxy and of course all the fascinating creatures, robots, anthropoids. I wish I could be a Jedi and meet Yoda one day. May the force be with you all!”
    – Sara Mata (HR Specialist)

What’s your favorite quote?
Find a quote that inspires you, no matter the situation or the circumstances.
If you’re having bad a day, read your favorite quote to take the blues away. Quotes are versatile – They can shift perspective, they can remind us that we aren’t alone and that better days will come.

  • “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi
    “This quote inspires me because change starts with us. If there’s something in your life that is not bringing you happiness, change it. Change your thoughts, change your attitude, accept the situation as if you have chosen it and see the transformation of the situation. You are a beautiful life.”
    – Gina Vicente (Talent Acquisition Specialist and Operations Manager)

What’s your favorite snack?
Regardless of your current relationship with food, you may want to practice finding a snack that brings you joy or comfort.

  • “I absolutely love cottage cheese with grapes in it. It’s salty, sweet, milky and fruity. Something about it is so satisfying and keeps me alert in the afternoon.
    – Karen David (Registered Dietitian)

What’s your favorite activity?
Activities make us move and make us think. Some activities provide a sense of accomplishment (e.g., DIY projects, painting, cleaning). Some activities just feel good (e.g., stretching, writing). Some activities allow us to connect with others (e.g., playing games, going to events). Whatever your favorite activity is seek more of it.

  • “I love yoga! The second I unroll my mat I step into my safe space, I step into myself. When I stand on mat I am present in that moment, I am breathing. When I stand on my mat I am grounded, I am strong. I do most of my thinking on my mat. I check-in with myself by reflecting on my feelings, “How am I feeling today?” “Why am I feeling this way?” “Am I stressed?” “Am I sore?” My mat is my favorite place to reflect, to understand, to heal and to grow.”
    –Tori Waugh (Marketing Coordinator)

What’s your favorite object?
Object are tangible and may be connected to memories. You can carry personal objects with you that represent something bigger, something more meaningful  than their physical form.

  • “My favorite object is a mug featuring famous female pioneers in the field of psychology. It gives me a deep sense of gratitude and respect for the women who have come before me.”
    – Adriana Diaz (Therapist)
Now that you know some of our favorites…What are your favorites?
Make more time for the things that you love, make more time for yourself.

Have a Fabulous February
Filled with Favorites! 

The Bella Vita Family ♥

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