Dr. Patricia Pitts was interviewed for a segment on Extra, featuring Manorexia, which airs Friday December 5th at 7:00pm on Channel 4.  A former The Bella Vita client who had anorexia, was also interviewed.
With proper treatment the fatality rate of Anorexia drops from 20% to 2-3%.  Anorexia and other eating disorders in men are under reported, under diagnosed, under treated and a very secretive disorder and because of this, men are at a much higher risk to not seek treatment.
Men are feeling greater social pressure now to appear lean and muscular with a six-pack, billboard physique, like women have since the early 80’s. Additionally, participation in many sports demands thinness. Men who were overweight as children have a higher incidence of anorexia.  Exercise Bulimia is also very common in men, amongst other eating disorders.

The Bella Vita has treatment options for males with eating disorders.