After investing time to heal from your eating disorder, it’s time to discharge from the treatment program. You have a firm grasp on how to implement your discharge plan. Traditional discharge planning centers around connecting you to health care professionals.  However, something is missing.  Where is the support and shared personal connection to others who have once attended an eating disorder program?  At The Bella Vita, joining the new Alumni Group is the answer.

Launching The Bella Vita Alumni Group

The Bella Vita Alumni Group exclusively allows past clients, who have shared the same journey of treatment at The Bella Vita, the opportunity to experience the journey of recovery with fellow alums.  The Alumni Group reconnects past clients and provides the space to give and receive support for eating disorder recovery.  The group is led by our clinicians with regularly scheduled groups and activities in Los Angeles and Woodland Hills.

The Alumni Group can serve to provide:

  • Follow up and support as you transition into life after treatment
  • Opportunity to participate in structured weekly groups and quarterly gatherings
  • A sense of belonging and connection to a larger community of individuals in recovery.

If you are interested in attending the next Alumni Group event on Sunday, February 8th or joining the group, please email us at; in the email please provide us with your full name which location and when you attended our treatment program.

We look forward to reconnecting with you soon!