The summer months can be a tough time for someone struggling with an eating disorder and/or a co-occurring disorder, whether they are in a treatment program, post-treatment or have not yet sought help.

Over the next few months, The Bella Vita will send out our team’s personalized summer wellness tips that offer insights on navigating wellness in the summertime. These tips will range from how to beat the heat to why summer activities are important for your mental health.

Tip #1: Just Keep Swimming

As children we would look forward to summertime, it was the time where we had no school, no homework, and all the free time in the world to play outside, go swimming, and explore. What happened to that amazing sense of freedom and carelessness that we once didn’t have to think twice about to achieve? How can we get that back? What can we do to enjoy a summer of “easy living” despite insecurities about ourselves?

We simply try…

  • Try to combat those thoughts that say we shouldn’t go to the beach because of that tiny bit of cellulite on our thighs…because WE SHOULD.
  • Try to combat those thoughts that say we don’t deserve that delicious ice cream cone with our friends because we didn’t exercise this morning…because WE DO.
  • Try to combat those thoughts that say we are not enough…because WE ARE.

This summer, I encourage you to go to the beach at some point, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, sit on that sun-kissed sand, and take in your surroundings. Listen to the waves as they crash upon the shore. Listen to the seagulls as they soar above your head, searching for leftovers from picnics. Listen to the sound of your breath as you breathe out the toxins, allowing yourself to fully enjoy this moment.

In the words of my favorite fish, I hope you all continue to “Just keep swimming!”
Arielle Werblun, MS, LMFT