The summer months can be a tough time for someone struggling with an eating disorder and/or a co-occurring disorder, whether they are in a treatment program, post-treatment or have not yet sought help.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed recently, the summer months can be hot, hot, hot! At The Bella Vita, we want you to be mindful, especially when it comes to heat exposure!

Tip #2: Beat The Heat

As much as I love the long days full of fun activities, I tend to be sensitive towards the heat and have to be mindful while enjoying the summer months. Here are my wellness tips for beating the heat this summer:

  • Hydration:  We all know it’s important to drink plenty of water, but did you know that having 5 servings of fruits and veggies also greatly contributes to keeping your body hydrated?  So take advantage of the bountiful summer produce, keep your reusable water bottle with you, and maybe even add in a few those fresh berries or citrus fruits to your water to make hydration more fun!
  • Sun Protection:  We all know it’s important to wear sunscreen while having fun in the sun, but it’s also important to protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them from the sun’s damaging UV rays.  So throw those cute summer shades on before heading out!
  • Food Protection:  Summer cookouts are my favorite, but did you know food related illnesses soar during the summertime?  So make sure the meat is cooked thoroughly and your yummy food isn’t left out in the heat where bacteria tends to grow.
  • Exercise When It’s Cooler:  If you like to get your exercise outdoors, do so in the cooler morning or evening hours.  If working out during peak sun hours, consider a nice air-conditioned yoga class or a splash in the pool to keep from getting overheated.
  • Educate Yourself:  Do some research and become familiar with the signs, symptoms and remedies of heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration.  Recognizing these signs in yourself or someone else is important and could even save a life!
  • Take a Vacation!!:  Whether it’s an exciting vacation away or a relaxing stay-cation in your own town, take a break in the lazier months of summer to relax and recharge.

– Michelle Lex, Director of Intake & Admissions